Previous Joan A. O'Brien Research Award Recipients and their Winning Abstract Titles

2010 – Raleigh, North Carolina
Kathleen Ivester
, INFLAMMATORY AIRWAY DISEASE IN YOUNG THOROUGHBREDS ENTERING RACE TRAINING, Kathleen M Ivester (1), Laurent L Couëtil (1), and Neil Zimmerman (2), 1) Veterinary Clinical Sciences and 2) School of Health Sciences, Purdue University
PULMONARY FIBROSIS AND CHRONIC BRONCHITIS IN DOGS? HP. Heikkilä (1), E. Krafft (2), P. Jespers (3), K. McEntee (2,3), MM. Rajamäki (1), C.
Clercx (2). 1) University of Helsinki, Finland. 2) University of Liège, Belgium.
3) Free University of Brussels, Belgium.

2009 – Plymouth, Massachusetts
Kristina Goncalves Goncarovs, EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF A NEW TREATMENT FOR RECURRENT AIRWAY OBSTRUCTION IN HORSES USING SOUND WAVES, Goncarovs KO*, Miskovic M, Perez-Moreno C, Couetil LL, Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Purdue University

Alisha Gruntman, DIFFERENTIAL EFFECTS OF AGE ON COMPENSATORY LUNG REGROWTH AND TYPE II ALVEOLAR EPITHELIAL CELL PROLIFERATION IN MICE, Gruntman AM (1), Mazan MR(1), Nolen-Walston RD(1), Jennings SH (2), Ingenito EP (2), Hoffman AM(1), 1) Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, 2) Brigham and Women's Hospital Harvard University, MA

2007 – Lafayette, Indiana
Johanna Hueber, University of Leipzig, Germany: “Brachycephalic airway syndrome: effects of partial turbinectomy on intranasal airway resistance”.
Marybeth Misckovic, Purdue University, USA: “Protein expression patterns in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of horses with recurrent airway obstruction”.

2006 – Jena, Germany
Undine Christmann, Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, USA: “Lung surfactant and severity of disease in horses with recurrent airway obstruction”
Friederike Range, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany: “Cloning and molecular characterisation of eCLCA1, a putative calcium-activated chloride channel in the equine lung and its significance in equine chronic bronchiolitis”

2005 – No Awards – VCRS Planning Meeting, Blacksburg, VA, USA

2004 – Montreal, Canada
Christophe Desmet, University of Liège, Belgium: "Selective blockade of NF-kB activity in airway immune cells inhibits the effector phase of experimental asthma"
Susannah Norman, Centres for Equine Studies, Animal Health Trust,
Lanwades Park, Suffolk, UK: "Atonomic dysfunction in horses affected by recurrent airway obstruction (RAO)”

Chris Deaton, Animal Health Trust, Suffolk, UK
Michael Leroy, University of Liège, Belgium: " Interferon alpha-induced resistance to bovine PI-3 virus is mediated through the MX pathway"

Chris Deaton, Animal Health Trust, Suffolk, UK
Lais Costa, Louisiana State University, USA: "Culture of primary and transformed equine airway cells”.

Nathalie Kirschvink, University of Liège, Belgium: “Effect of chronic airway inflammation and exercise on pulmonary and systemic antioxidant status of healthy and heaves-affected horses.”
Scott Pirie, Wellcome Trust Centre for Research in Comparative Respiratory Medicine, Midlothian, Scotland:

Lais Costa, Louisiana State University, USA: "Nitric oxide as an inflammatory mediator in horses with summer-pasture-associated obstructive pulmonary disease"
Christophe Uystepruyst, University of Liège, Belgium: “Changes in respiratory mechanics measured by IOS during the first day of life in calves"
A research grant was also awarded in 1999 to Lais Costa (Louisiana State University).


Dominque Votion, University of Liège, Belgium: “Subclinical lung inflammatory process assessed with scintigraphy"


Chander S. Celly, University of Guelph, Canada: "Hypoxemic and Cardiopulmonary effects of medetomidine and ST-91 in conscious calves”


Lynelle Johnson – University of Illinois, USA: “The efficacy of theophylline in preventing experimentally-induced bronchoconstriction in cats”

Jonathan Hare, University of Guelph, Canada: “The effect of sodium cromoglycate on racehorses with elevated mast cell numbers on bronchoalveolar lavage and reduced exercise tolerance”

Stephanie Rubie, Michigan State University, USA: “Flunixin Meglumine blocks the effect of furosemide on horse airways”

Elizabeth Rozanski, University of Illinois, USA: "Use of tidal breathing flow-volume loops for the evaluation of feline chronic bronchial disease"

Tatiana Art, University of Liège, Belgium: "Effect of strenuous exercise on the lung mechanics in thoroughbred horses”
Michele Doucet, University of Montreal, Canada